SIMPLcase is now on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/12r02PR
SIMPLcase makes it easy to change international SIM cards when traveling abroad
SIMPLcase stores multiple SIM cards and iPhone's eject tool
Using a credit or membership card as a stand lets you watch videos and eat a burger at the same time
With a card inserted into the slot in the back of SIMPLcase, you can take notes while on a Skype video call
Available on Kickstarter in Black or White with Turquoise inserts, and a limited edition Tungsten Grey with Kickstarter Green insert
Other colors of SIMPLcase will become available as we go into production
SIMPLcase is designed to emphasize utility and minimalism and uses only enough material as needed to get the job done

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter now through March 29: http://kck.st/12r02PR

SIMPLcase is an iPhone case designed to make international travel easier and more convenient by:

– Discreetly and securely storing multiple SIM cards as well as the iPhone SIM eject tool. Travelers will always have the right tool to swap their SIM cards and rest easy knowing their valuable SIMs are in a safe place – right on their iPhones!

– Being able to use any standard credit or membership card as a stand for hands-free viewing in either portrait or landscape mode. Watching videos while eating lunch or taking notes at the same time while having a video chat just became that much easier!

With a sleek aesthetic and super slim shape for minimal added bulk, SIMPLcase is designed to appeal to the modern minimalist travel who values multi-functionality as well as clean, modern styling.