Standing desks are definitely becoming the ‘next big thing’ and they have already become a must-have in every hip office. TableAir is a smart, connected table with unique lifting process for tech-savvy executives and demanding individuals who believe that you don’t have to compromise health and productivity for cool design in the office. There’s some pretty exciting tech behind this.

Thanks to the distance sensing module (i.e. smart button) – simply holding out your hand is enough. TableAir does the magic and lifts itself to match the height then. Custom ambient LED lighting makes it easier than ever to match the table to any interior.

Companion app notifies you when it’s time to sit or stand, lets you pick out your favorite colors so you won’t have to adjust them manually and more. Add the quietest electric motor technology in the industry, plenty of integrated sockets for your devices and top-notch design (4 different models) – this as a whole empowers TableAir to breath some fresh air into sit-to-stand game.


Integrated distance sensing module (i.e. smart button)

American Cherry table top

LED lighting makes it super easy to match the table to your mood or interior

It's hip and funky.

Holding out your hand is enough to lift the table