Different naming and symbol configurations.
Exploded view.

This is perhaps something unusual for your page, but I challenge you.

‘Circle’ is a minimalistic and religion neutral gravestone. The concept was created for a Norwegian tombstone masonry, who had a wish that it should be innovative and fit into today’s multicultural society. The gravestone had to deal with the strict official regulations, and also fit in with the companys existing production system.

It has a weight of about 150 kg (330 lbs), an outer diameter of 75 cm (2 feet, 5 inches) and a width of only 11 cm (4.3 inches). The thickness is due to a laminated structure of a single layer glass, a single layer steel and two layers of stone. The stone type may be customized by the customer.
Visually the gravestone is a partially recessed circle. The circle is a neutral and universal symbol of life, and the recessed portion symbolizes death. The circle is also a symbol of something everlasting, and this fits well for a personal memorial.