Chaise Lounge' s silhouettes made of Corten Steel
Chaise Lounge & multifunctional container
Chaise Lounge and its accessories

Sit.ME is the seat of a being, born from a crouched position on itself, in a moment of reflection.
Designed to furnish the interiors of houses/villas, terraces, shops, offices, lounge bars and museums, as well as parks and urban spaces. His silhouettes became a game of several sessions, free and laisure tastes and ways of being of his own audience. The pockets tha are created, become functional objects such as storage and magazine rack.

Material: Corten steel waxed *
Thickness: 4 mm.
Size: 960x500x856,67 mm.
Accessories: 2 poufs and 1 pillow (+ applique and structure lectern)
Use: indor / outdoor

* The choice of material and its finish-color (Ral-scale), can be customer order and spacing between the various types of steel.