With 9 million tons of furniture waste being added to our landfills every year, Phoenix designer Jon Irons decided to found SITGREEN, a company whose goal was to never contribute to that rising statistic. SITGREEN takes fully recyclable materials and turns them into pieces of functional, beautiful furniture. They don’t offer any floral patterned overstuffed armchairs, but what they do provide is a plethora of unique handmade furniture that is made with care from the most unlikely materials.

SITGREEN uses compression to hold their furniture together–not glue. The furniture is comprised of corrugated cardboard sandwiched between wood sidings and held together with steel hardware. When you are finished with their furniture simply disassemble it with hand tools and place the individual pieces into their corresponding recycling bins.

They are currently looking for funding on Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sitgreen/sitgreen-furniture). By supporting SITGREEN you are supporting a world without waste. Their goal is to keep 1 million lbs of waste out of the landfill in 2013.