Skaffa  Arlequin bookcase
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Skaffa detail of the colored box

Skaffa Arlequin is the brainchild of designer Ampelio Piarotto It is produced in Venice. Right the city of beautiful buildings, bridges, gondolas and Harlequin. Harlequin, the famous Venetian mask with a multicolored dress just like Skaffa with its 6 colors: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Black .You can design your own composition. The combinations of the boxes can be casual or fancy because You can change the color according to your imagination. Compose your Skaffa Arlequin and send a photo via e-mail. The most beautiful will be included in the Piarotto.com portfolio . Skaffa Arlequin measures h. 258 cm and it is available in widths of 200 cm, 250 and 300. Boxes are made of strong metal colored glossy painted with powder lacquer .Colored boxes are 38 cm high and 12 cm wide. Shelves have a thickness of 2.5 cm. Resistant to all loads of books. Skaffa Arlequin is produced by Mobilie snc – Mirano- Venice – Italy Tel +39-041-5728-422 www.piarotto.com info@piarotto.com

Mirano Venezia Italy 04-03-2013