Skin Collection: Bridging the gap between modern technology and age old craft.

Jasser Studio’s – Skin Collection consists of various desks, tables, cabinets and chairs. The thread that links them all together; Handcrafted geometry. The collection is created using new moulding techniques in combination with a laser cutter. All furniture pieces are created from hundreds of pieces of wood, glued, sanded and refined by hand.

“With the creation of objects with the push of a button, we are creating a world filled with cold, distant material that people don’t necessarily respond to” Jasser explains. “Designers should take more responsibility for the way tactility shape our products and surrounding. We should use technology as a way to enhance our craft, not replace it.”


Skin Collection Easy Chair

Skin Collection - Leather desk

Skin Collection - White desk

Skin Collection - Blanc Birch Wood Desk

Skin Collection - Dining table

Skin Collection - Black Desk

Skin Collection - Cabinet - Wood inlaid with Suede

Skin Collection - Cabinet leg detail