Ato wanted to create a sort of evolved skin. Skins are made with high quality felt and velcro, and they can be easily attached on the wall, ceiling and any places with tiny velcro stickers.

Ato has so far designed two types of shapes for the Skins. Inspired by brush-touches of the traditional eastern paintings, the eclipse type was similar to the way they draw soft blossoms or scales of fishes, and the polygon type was like drawings of the barks of trees or stones of mountains. The Skins look translucent just like brush-touches with much water in light colors such as pale white or pink, and look matte and distinct in dark colors such as dark violet or green.

With these various colors and shapes, Skins can be created in a lot of combinations as curtains, space dividers, a light cover, decorations on the wall, or even 3 dimensional objects as if drawing in the air. Skins will be evolved and created as a series from now on.

Felt, velcro and other materials

150 X 180 (mm) approx. each unit


A drawing inspired by brush-touches of the  traditional eastern paintings.

A view of curtain or space divider.

A detail view.

Skins can be created as 3 dimensional objects with or without lights.

A view of a light cover on the wall.

A view of a wall decoration.

Various combinations of Skins.

A detail view.

A detail view.

Handmade prototypes for color and shape test.