Project: BXBstudio Bogus?aw Barna?
Visualisations & Graphics: Bogus?aw Barna?
Location: Krakow, Poland
Date: 2012
Total area: 604 sqm
Client: Privat

The house was designed to meet all customer expectations, balancing between the defined needs as functionality and the undefined dreams of theatrical vision of the house as the impressive fortress.
The house was designed on a very small plot, which significantly reduces the freedom to create architectural form. The house is pushed up to the road and to the borders of the neighbouring land to generate the biggest possible area of a garden on the south side. The size of the garden is multiplied by the terrace on the 1st floor and the green roof on top. All 3 levels – garden, roof terrace and garden are freely connected with communication in the central core accessible from any part of the house.
Communication is the heart of the Skyfall House. Amazing two-storey glazed entrance hall gives a feeling of the theatrical experience. There is a glassed walkway above the main entrance that gives a spectacular dynamic space that introduces us to the world of home that place a swimming pool, huge living room open to the garden, lounge pool, two huge walk in closets available via a footbridge over the tree located in a multi-level glassed lobby.
The house was divided into functional zones As well north and the south facade was treated in the different way. South side, adjacent to the garden, was design to be fully open by great glazed. North side of the house that is adjacent to the road was designed to place all the privat rooms.