Mooi Goed Kitchenhangers; Made from one sheet of lasercut metal. Shaped and coated in black
Mooi Goed Coathanger; set of three unique coathangers made from metal en coated in black
Mooi Goed Candleholder; Set of three candleholders in black in combination with polished brass
Mooi Goed Keyhanger; set of three keyhangers. Each with a unique engraving.
Mooi Goed coathanger for Children; a wallsticker in combination with coathangers. Both in black.
Mooi Goed Clock; a small white clock made from metal with a polished brass stand.
Mooi Goed little tree; a metal polished tree for hanging your jewelry
General collection show with the little Clock and Candelholders in one shot.

My name is Christian Kocx. I graduated as a Industrial Designer in 2006 from The Design Academy in the Netherlands.
Recently I designed en produced my own collection of homeaccessories. From last month the online shop www.mooi-goed.nl is officially open! Maybe the collection would be worth a post on Mcoloco. That would be GREAT!

The Mooi Goed Collection consists of funny coathangers, a unique little clock and nice candle-holders. The used colours are black, white and polished brass.

With kind regards,
Christian Kocx
T. 0031 6 29500183

More info on www.mooi-goed.nl
All photo’s by www.fiks-studio.be