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Gardening is a wonderful and relaxing hobby for many people and the new and improved ergonomic gardening tools make your gardening experience much more pleasant.

There are several mobile garden carts on the market that will make your life a lot easier but having a lot of this tools can make gardening an expensive hobby.

The Garden Cart designed by a Filipino Industrial designer: Stephen Reon Francisco is designed with the basic ergonomic principles for your hands and are extremely lightweight yet durable. Not only has the handle been redesigned but the form and its uses.

The ergonomic handle is inspired by a rat’s ear which makes the form of Smart Garden Cart’s body looks sleek, modern, clean and attractive.

The Smart Garden Cart has a built in Garden tool holder, the best way too keep your tools in one safe place. Convert your Smart Garden Cart in three (3) ways:

Use it as a dolly cart to transport big heavy tools and plant pots.
Use it as a wheel barrow to transport soil, stones and woods easily.
Use it as a garden cart to transport heavy equipment

You can have one (1) cart that has a lots of function and helps you save money.