Snake T version, Aldabra
Snake T version, Aldabra
SnaKe S, Aldabra
Snake R, Aldabra
Snake W, Aldabra

Snake is a reading light enhanced with LED technology that combines a playful design with a pleasant and soft-to-touch material. The lamp is fully coated with non-toxic silicone. The head is made out of material which feels soft when touched.
Its flexible arm bends in any direction, while the rotating head can be set in two positions (patented by Aldabra): concentrated in a narrow beam for reading purposes that does not affect the surrounding area, or turned into a relaxing diffused light, perfect for dark spaces. Snake can be used both as a reading lamp and a night spot light, with a very low energy consumption (1W/4000K). The head is available in white, red and blue, while the arm comes in white. This range of colors allows for both refined chromatic combinations and cheerful ambiances.
Available in table version with base (Snake T) or self-standing (Snake S) and wall version, recessed (Snake R) or surface-mounted (Snake W).