SNAP LAMP can easily be snapped onto a variety of surfaces to provide functional light wherever it is needed.

Marie Hesseldahl is a young Danish product designer who has a passion for lighting. Marie is keen to work with functionality, believing that human interaction with products should be intuitive and easy.

With Marie’s latest design, SNAP LAMP, she created a luminaire targeting Modern Scandinavian homes. Her aim was to create a flexible lighting solution, which is easy to install and place around the interior.

SNAP LAMP is designed to satisfy multiple needs in the home, such as focal glow in chosen areas, direct and functional work light at the desktop or as a part of the general lighting. The lamp uses energy efficient LED technology and has a dim function, which makes it easy to control the intensity of light and mood in a room.

The cable is an extension of SNAP LAMPs third hind “leg” which allow the cable to lie along the surface, eliminating it as a disturbing element in the interior.