Five Toes Coffee Table
Zap Lamp
Static shock switch
Unify Sofa
Rescued chairs

The Socks + Furniture collection consists of a coffee table, floor lamp, and sofa. The collection is an example of how, if you challenge yourself not to overlook life’s simplicities, inspiration can come from anywhere– about how even the most banal objects can be shown in a different light, and about taking what we can from stale items to create new and thought provoking ones.

Through this project I explored material production methods, human-to-object interactions, and opportunities for repurposing existing objects.

I set out with the challenge to create a series of furniture that would be created and derived from the stories of socks. Looking at a variety of socks, their functions, and social relevance, I isolated qualities that could be applied to furniture. The resulting collection consists of three pieces, each exhibiting a sockyness derived from a different quality possessed by socks.

The Five Toes Coffee table takes inspiration from toe socks and is supported by five legs. This table is designed for assembly and disassembly using socks as press-fit fasteners. This fitting method allows for the table to be flat packed and easily transported. Since common socks are used for the fasteners the user has the ability to customize the appearance of the table with, plain, coloured, or mismatching socks.The tabletop surface is a material blend of cotton and a gypsum polymer resulting in a hard textured surface. This surface is created using a unique vacuum-bag production method. The five legs are made of beechwood and are all different lengths similar to the toes on our feet.

The Zap Lamp is derived from our interactions with socks and their ability to generate static electricity. The Zap Lamp is a floor lamp with a shag carpet base. The user is required to shuffle their socks on the rug to generate static electricity which is then transferred through static electric shock to the lamp through the user’s finger. Using a low sensitivity touch switch, this static shock turns on the light. The lamp is set to an adjustable timer and turns itself off. This lamp provides mood lighting and offers a fun new way to interact with objects in your living space.

The Unity sofa takes a more literal approach. This slipcover hides the individual chairs much like socks hide your individual toes. It takes inspiration from team uniforms and is physically and visually unifying to give new life to discarded chairs. This playful sofa concept promotes the reuse of existing objects and allows individual chairs an opportunity to work together to provide comfortable seating.

Exploring a sense of playfulness and the humour of socks, these objects are designed to generate thought about human-to-object interactions and the mundane encounters of daily life, which are often overlooked. Together, these objects make a collection of furnishings that add some playfulness to your living space.