The Soft Bowls series is part of the Still Life project, where Melvær reinterprets traditional still life motives.

The series consists of two bowls. One bowl looks like an inverted version of the other. Together they tell the story of a changing shape. This and the organic shapes make the static birch tree appear plastic. The bowls make two different landscapes that present the fruit in different ways. In one landscape the fruit can hide and peek over the edge, and in the second landscape, it can climb up the mountain.

The Soft Bowls are exhibited at the Food Work Exhibition – an independent project initiated by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll, two of the founders of Norway Says. 21 designs by 8 Norwegian designers are to be shown at Tokyo Midtown Hall during Designtide Tokyo 2012 from October 31st to November 4th.

As the title indicates, the topic of the project is food: storage, preparation, presentation, and eating. These objects spring out of simple and ordinary, yet essential and vital, actions that tie people together across cultural differences. The objects are designed for everyday situations in Norway – they are Norwegian. However, we have been inspired by Japanese culture, or rather by our particular understanding of Japanese culture. In other words, we have attempted to
make Norwegian objects that could also be relevant to Japanese living. Our goal is to draw inspiration and knowledge from how our work is experienced in Tokyo.

Material: Turned birch wood.
Photos: Erik Five Gunnerud.