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Name: Soft
design: Rainer Mutsch
type: fibercement light family
sizes: bar pendant light, pendant light, wall light
materials: fibercement, aluminium, LED
designer: http://www.rainermutsch.net
manufacturer: Molto Luce http://www.moltoluce.com/index.cfm?sprache=EN

Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch has created a series of lights made of fiber cement for the
manufacturer Molto Luce (http://www.moltoluce.com/index.cfm?sprache=EN).
Each individual luminaire shade is moulded manually from soft fibre cement:
the shades get their stability through their slightly rippled geometry which eventually leads to a minimum
of material thickness.
Fibre cement, originally developed by Eternit, is produced eco-friendly from natural resources like water and cellulose fibers. The material is highly durable and non-flammable.
The Soft series consists of a wall light, a bar pendant light and a large pendant light.