Prototyping 1
Prototyping 2
Deatail 0
Deatail 1
Hero 0 Moving light position
Hero 1 Moving light position
Hero Ver.2
Hero Ver.2


Thanks again for the posting last time.
I would like to ask you to kindly post our new project on MOCOLOCO.
This product called a ‘Source Of Light’ or ‘SOL’
The material of bulb is kind of EL light which has many benefits especially including its unique form.

Design Concept :

1 The design was aimed super minimal and entirely new iconic looking.
2 The harmony between straight steel and loose elements is the key feature of ‘SOL’.
3 By moving an opposite side of the mainframe, people can control dimming and positioning the light in an intuitive way.
4 If you want to re-design / transform a shape of light panel, just cut the surface. It will be working.

Material Description :

1 The panel can be extended up to 2 m (width) X 80 m ( length ). ( about 80 inch X 3150 inch ) with only one plug.
2 EL light has under 1.5 mm thickness.
3 Dimming control is available with separated PCB.
4 As you see on the picture, the light comes out from surface.
In other word, we need only thin-wide surface to make light and plug for providing electricity.
5 ‘SOL’ doesn’t need many structure which offends the eye to light up.
6 Significant energy reduction. Typical energy consumption is less than 0.25 ma / sq. in.

Energy Consumption By Area
Watts per Square Foot
Watts Area
6.5 watts 1 Square Foot
13 watts 2 Square Feet
19.4 watts 3 Square Feet
25.9 watts 4 Square Feet
32.4 watts 5 Square Feet
38.9 watts 6 Square Feet
45.4 watts 7 Square Feet
51.8 watts 8 Square Feet
58.3 watts 9 Square Feet
64.8 watts 10 Square Feet

Energy Consumption
Amps per Area with Full Illumination
Print Size Amps Area
1 in2 0.00025 1 in2
A4 0.023 94 in2
A3 0.468 187 in2
A2 0.102 408 in2
A1 0.216 864 in2
A0 0.387 1549 in2
11″ x 11.5″ 0.032 126.5 in2
16″ x 16.5″ 0.066 264 in2

These are more unique advantages of ‘SOL’ product compare with other lighting goods.
3-50000 hours life long, no heat, no worry about fragile, long runs with only one connection and Etc.

However, I believe the most innovative fact of ‘SOL’ is form/shape differences.
This will be one of the breakthrough item in the lighting history.

Please let us know if you have any question.
Thanks in advance.