Mocoloco was awesome and covered our previous version of the Sonastand earlier this year. Now we have the Sonastand 5, which is better in every way than our previous version.

Here’s a description:

The Sonastand is a solid aluminum acoustic stand for the iPhone, designed and manufactured by us in Southern California. It started off as a Kickstarter project, and after our successful campaign, we’ve transitioned the Sonastand into a fully fledged product.

Moving forward with our new design, the Sonastand 5 is made for the iPhone 5 and it is better in every way than our previous version. Its acoustic amplification works even better, providing more sound clarity and volume without batteries, and we’ve also made it more stable than before. Our tests have shown an 8 decibel increase when using the Sonastand to direct the iPhone 5’s sound towards the viewer. An 8 decibel increase equates to the sound being almost twice as loud as when not using the Sonastand. We have various sizes for the Sonastand to fit naked, skinned, or cased iPhones, and we’ve designed it so you can still charge the iPhone while using the stand.

The Sonastand is manufactured in-house by our company, Kinetic Custom Machine, and we are located in Southern California. Our company is comprised of two lifelong friends, and our goal is to create useful, high quality products that are made in the USA.

Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated!

Colin Chu