Tangram Studio, in collaboration with Gensler, has recently finished the complete design of Sony Computer Entertainment’s new headquarters in Playa Vista. The process began in the fall of 2013.

Tangram Studio, specializing in custom interior solutions, had a vision for Sony and created a space tailored to Sony’s needs. Sony is a creative and edgy group, who works in a very collaborative environment. The employees work together in different teams and wanted to be able to pick up their desks and move it with them. They wanted their new space to reflect their employees and their culture, in a warehouse, non-corporate and creative setting.

Tangram Studio collaborated with a team of 8 Sony employees to perfect the final design. The new space consists of 190 open workstations with highly adjustable tables made of plywood and rolled hot steel. Mobile computer towers were created to allow for easy transportation. The design is very functional to allow for more collaboration among Sony’s employees. It is also what Sony wanted aesthetically to portray its brand and inspire its employees.

Tangram Interiors collaborates with clients as a creative partner to create and manage interior environments that enhance the client’s brand and culture through the expert integration of technology, furniture, floor coverings and service solutions. Tangram Studio is a division of Tangram Interiors and provides custom solutions to create environments that inspire.