4 Sorenthia Lights
Sorenthia joint
Sorenthia flute
Sorenthia in setting 1
Sorenthia in setting 2
Designer Asher Dunn

With its elongated lines and brass and steel elements, the Sorenthia light fixture successfully combines the soft beauty of nature with the hard edge of industry. Drawing inspiration from our natural surroundings in the Ocean State, kelp served as the muse for this piece. The thin, stretching blades and beaded joints of the seaweed are mirrored in the dynamic, lanky design of the fixture, allowing it to function not only as a lighting element, but also as a work of art and the focal point of a room. The Sorenthia has the capacity to be uniquely fitted together so that several fixtures can be combined in one space, allowing you to create a customized, distinctive look. Whether you choose one piece or create a veritable jungle of twenty, the Sorenthia will bring drama to any setting with its inherent juxtaposition of the organic and the industrial.