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soundPad, the world’s first flexible smart cover for iPad with built-in high quality loudspeakers to turn your iPad into a portable entertainment system

Twice As Smart

soundPad is a smart cover WITH a premium Bluetooth loudspeaker system for your iPadTM.

Ø Smart cover: soundPad is a smart magnetic protective cover that flips open into a Bluetooth stand-alone speaker system.

Ø Loudspeaker: soundPad has 4 built-in, High Quality speakers to deliver a truly premium sound.

Acoustics Engineering

Meticulously engineered, soundPad has 4 tuned speakers, turning your iPad into a portable entertainment system that has 5 times the sound volume of your iPadTM alone. You boost the intensity of the games you play. You enhance the clarity in movies and conversations. You experience the depth and detail you’re meant to hear in your music.

soundPad is The Perfect Companion To Your iPadTM
soundPad is tailor-made to discreetly complement and enhance your iPadTM. When you snap the cover into place, it wakes up, stands up and brightens up your iPadTM. It magnetically aligns for a perfect fit. When asleep, it hides all its functions, being silent and unanimated. When not a speaker but simply a cover it also matches perfectly with the grand design of iPadTM.

Truly Portable

We all hate cables. The speaker wirelessly supports iPadTM of course but also iPhoneTM, iPadTM mini or any other smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth technology. We paid particular attention to the soundPad battery. soundPad has its own rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery so there is no danger of draining your iPad’s power. It will give you up to 10 hours of unplugged playtime. Designed for true mobility, soundPad is built using durable materials, with a magnetic protective cover that flips open into a Bluetooth stand-alone speaker system. It’s lightweight, built to deliver amazing sound wherever you go but also to protect and serve your iPadTM. The high quality silicone feels amazingly soft and silky and is easy to clean.

A Long Process

In this very small form factor, the main difficulty is obtaining low frequencies (bass). It took over a year and 16 product evolutions until we found the right ratio. Finally…the breakthrough!

We solved it by:

· Creating speakers with mini-magnets

· Having one resonance chamber per audio channel

· Pairing each audio channel with mini sub-woofer and tweeter

The final result is an audio system with a unique 4-speaker configuration – 2 pairs of speakers – for a fully immersive, uniquely balanced experience with gorgeous bass in such a thin device.

Beautiful Design

Designed by industrial designer Ilia Vostrov, soundPad is simple, inconspicuous, intuitive, functional and elegant.


Created by Raphaël Delstanche, Atoll is a new company based in US and Europe. We are designing, creating and developing ideas incorporating premium design and high-tech engineering for the world we live in. We have 2 lines of products: Mobility Devices & Swiss Watches. For the last couple of years, we designed a unique assortment of very contemporary devices and accessories; we worked very hard to deliver all these- one of a kind – iconic, premium products.
Our future product line comprises a smart cover (soundPad), a smart watch (Wave), a tablet (Surfer) and 2 iconic Swiss watches (Diver & Spyder). Before the full launch of the company in the second quarter of 2014, we want to bring you our first project – soundPad- on Indiegogo in December 2013.


Raphaël Delstanche
Atoll World LLC
Intl. number: +44 2035 14.14.14 (UK)