Disguised as a humble pair of argyle shin-warmers, these undercover undergarments are patterned with the iconic craft from the 1970’s arcade classic. Blink and you’d miss ‘em, Space Invader Socks are a nifty way to sneak a little action into a boring day at the office. Watch out for that flying saucer…

The Lowdown
• Professional, themed socks that are far from novelty but keep you smiling!
• Fun and funky, smart and sophisticated
• Made from 82% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 3% Rubber
• Full calf height with a wide cuff to avoid slippage
• Designed as men’s socks, but we know plenty of lovely ladies who look fantastic in them
• One size fits most, comfortably accommodating UK men’s shoe sizes 6-11
• Made from a mix of 57% premium cotton and 43% nylon to give the perfect amount of stretch without cutting off circulation
• The cotton/nylon mix also helps minimise shrinkage, while helping wick moisture away from your skin to regulate temperature
• Handlinked toes means there won’t be any uncomfortable nubs of fabric to rub against