The Spaceless is the thinnest wallet available, designed for simplicity, convenience, and durability.

Innovative external pockets make it easy to access your credit cards or ID. Inside, there’s space enough for plenty of cash and more cards. Empty, the Spaceless is thinner than a quarter and has the mass of under 6 grams–about the same as just one of the credit cards that will go in it! Filled to the max, this forward thinking design is still a sleek and bulk-less presence in your pocket.

The Spaceless is made of Kapton, a DuPont material used in spacesuits, 3D printers, and other flexible electronics. It also has a cool copper color and a shine to it that adds to its unique look.

The Spaceless is on Kickstarter! Be among the first to see it launch. Only 13 days left, so don’t wait. Find it at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/750447707/spaceless-wallet