An amazing design tool for architects and designers! Simple, affordable, and portable. Works with your 3d files.
The 3d rendering engine powering Spacemaker is designed to work well on laptops making it easy to travel.
A third-party head mounted display, a computer and Spacemaker software. That's all you need!
It's easy for everyone in the room to have the same conversation while someone walks around inside the space.

Spacemaker VR is an exciting new way for designers to create virtual reality models they can walk in using their own 3d design files. Spacemaker was made for giving jaw-dropping presentations to clients and friends, traveling, and for using as an everyday design tool. This software works with your existing design software and makes it easy to export your 3d design files into immersive experiences that you can walk in!

Spacemaker takes the best features of a full walking VR system and shrinks them down into an affordable and portable package that you can fit in your backpack! This software system includes realistic 3d models of world landmarks and buildings, a real-time 3d visualizer with a customizable presentation display, and a simple 3d model creation workflow to enable designers to quickly and easily create their own VR models. Spacemaker was created by a number of virtual reality veterans, architects, and user experience designers and has recently launched a Kickstarter to get this amazing software into your hands in early 2014.

Get Spacemaker now on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/HCqbbh