At noon EST tomorrow (November 8), we will launch the first products from our new urban biking company, Sparse.
The goal of this company is to nudge the quality and quantity of urban, utilitarian riding.
This first release consists of 2 bike lights that integrate onto the bike for unencumbered, simple riding.
(We also think they look nice)

Our Kickstarter preview page can be viewed here:

We’ll use that same URL to forward to the live Kickstarter page tomorrow.
We’d greatly appreciate any blog posts, social media mentions or traffic you could send our way.

We also have a bunch of other light and bike images available on our website
That can be used for posts as you like.

We are developing several other products and will have much more arriving in the next few months.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.
If you have thoughts on any other people in the media who might have interest, please let us know.