“Value Creation in Progress”

The Corporate Banking section of Sparebank 1 SR Bank was due for refurbishment of their office facilities and wanted to go from confined office spaces to open landscape. However, a new location move was due shortly so the budget for the revamp was very modest.

The management depicted team locations for all employees. 78 employees were defined as 7 teams, glass-walled for free sighting in between. Team offices were placed outward towards the window fronts on both sides of the building, with all common activity stations in the middle. This was also because all existing infrastructure and the covers hereof already was there and was to be retained. There is a silent room per 4 employees as well as several open project areas or zones with different character. In addition there is a centre court so that the selection of meeting spaces is very versatile.

We imbedded the existing infrastructure in the new concept, (value creation in progress) but opened it all to reveal what was behind. Visible structures and elements hereof were revealed and new implemented in the room. The idea was that this is what corporate banking really is about! In a market in continuous motion, they are the solid building blocks in so many projects in our region. Continuously searching for knowledge so that the local entrepreneurs can focus and inventing and nurturing their dreams.

The centre court is the main element in the interioral design, where employees can meet and share knowledge and test ideas. A massive tree-structure hangs over the area, where a standing table is imbedded in the design. There is open all the way up to the deck above with 3 large lamps hanging above. A widescreen in one end publish campaigns and activities in the region whilst on the other side there is a coffee shop with good qualify coffee and chilled beverages.

The building blocks are used as decorations in the room, glued to the wall to outline the rough and brave image. All these are made of reasonable materials easy to get hold of.

On the walls in the working zones there are photos from local areas, whilst all the silent rooms are wallpapered with transparent folio of people and machines at work. It connects corporate banking with the activities they are there to support. The colors and movements in the folio are there to illustrate force and movement – critical virtues for the bank.

”The blue bank”. The color blue is intensified and is the single colorised element of this project. The furnitures material is blue, their foundation is blue and elements of the carpets are blue with the intention to display power and knowledge of the bank and its staff.