“SPIGA” BOOKCASE, designed by Gianluca Sgalippa
Some time, the contemporary design has decided that the book in the library should not be vertical anymore. Well, “Spiga” wall bookcase supports all the possible angles and dimensions in only one tiny element.
The L shake shelf gradually changes as the angle of rotation like the seeds of the corn ear when it’s ripe. The colored borders effectively display this sophisticated graphic game, which hangs in the research of the Op Art of the 60s and 70s. Compared with traditional bookcase, “Spiga” is a dynamic and sculptural presence adapted to a very rigorous feature.
This vertical developed model can be single or modularly repeated along the wall joining together rear panels.
In line with the general philosophy of Enzyma, “Spiga” fully expresses the contemporary size without sacrificing the timeless style and without accommodating the sudden changes of fashion.
The “Spiga” bookcase can only be purchased through the website www.enzyma.it, where you can also see the other products available today in the collection.