spiral staircase glass
spiral stairs glass
curved glass railing
glass stairs spiral
glass treads close shot
spiral stair custom design
all glass stairs spiral

Siller stairs is constantly researching on new and innovative ways how to use glass in architecture and for stairs. One of the lastet achievements is the spiral staircase “Sky-Screw” which is an all glass staircase. Every single tread consists of multiple laminated glass panels, all in different size and shape. The handrail sits on a curved glass which is mounted at the ceiling and not connected to the stair treads themselves. This gives the staircase an ultra floating look.

By looking at the staircase it seems to be an halluzination and not real because the countless numbers of glass layers to reflect the light all in a different angle. Furthermore it can be illuminated with light from the inside so that the entire staircase is shining…

The staircase has a hughe weight and can not be installed in every project but by considering the weight early enough in the building process the stair can be used for residential and commercial projects. For more information please the Siller Stairs web site http://www.stairs-siller.com the Facebook page.