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Hello Mocoloco!

Splite is a series of design lights that create a personal emotion and atmosphere at home, at work and in public places.

Splite features:

1. Lights for life – The splite combines ambitious design with customized personal emotion and atmosphere.
2. Sculptural design – The sculptural shape is suitable to use as a hanging light, wall light and table light in many personal combinations.
3. 3D-printed manufacturing – The light is 3d printed by SLS laser sintering, which gives it an exquisite and fine level of detail.

On May 6th , SPLITE will be launched on Kickstarter. The campaign can be previewed here:


For more info contact us at splite@jvantspijker.com
A presskit can be downloaded here: http://we.tl/7N18bB7kxU