sprng clip - to fit apple earpods
sprng clip in user's ear

Sprngclips, made especially for Apple’s newest generation of ear buds, help keep your Earpods in your ear when all they want to do is fall out. Made to fit only Apple’s Earpods that come with your purchase of an iPhone 5, iPod Nano (7th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation), Sprng was designed by OHM, a Canadian industrial design firm.“With all the millions of earpods that Apple gives away with their products, it would be a shame if people did not use them because they fall out. Accordingly, we decided to make an inexpensive accessory that wouldn’t distract from the clearn look of the earpods but kept them in your ears,” the company explained.

The Springclip simply snaps on to the Earpod stem and can be adjusted to fit by sliding it up and down. The tip of the clip is made of elastomer, which snaps into the concha of the ear that holds the earpod in place with little pressure.