Stalaclights are 3D printed bulbshades showing skyscrapers that seem to grow directly from the bulb. Since LED light hardly emits any heat, it is now possible to connect a light shade to the bulb itself.

The intricate design of the shades are inspired by the Art Deco era, a time when the first skyscrapers appeared in big cities like New York and Chicago. Nowadays every major city is dominated by high rise buildings. Their height steadily increasing in time, fuelled by the desire of their builders to realize the highest building of the world.

If you would imagine these cities turned upside down it would look just like stalactites growing from the ceiling of a limestone cave. Steadily growing in time with every drop of ground water seeping through the cave’s roof.


Stalaclight 1 (photo: Tim Stet)

Stalaclight 2 (photo: Tim Stet)

Stalaclight 3 (photo: Tim Stet)

Close up light off (photo: Tim Stet)

Close up light on (photo: Tim Stet)


computer model

computer model

computer model