Designed by architect and designer Lulghennet Teklè, Stalattite is a contemporary collection of tables and coffee tables that have the characteristic of having transparent containers used to storing a large variety of objects and so to be space-saving. The coffee table is a multifunctional and stylish piece of furniture created by combining materials and techniques making a modern shape. It consists of a table top and six conic legs equipped with cylindrical transparent containers that, in their versatility and functionality, are used as storage space to hold and display various objects such as accessories and decorative items. The transparent plugs in plexiglass on the table top create a continuous support and give a pleasant visual treat inside. They also provide the possibility to place objects. By changing the objects, Stalattite becomes mutable in its appearance. Moreover, if the the boxes are kept open, the exposed objects (such as bottles and vases) extend beyond the table top making the piece of furniture lively and fun.