Stallo chalice white
Stallo chalice red
Stallo green plus mold
Stallo red plus half mold
Three colors, green, white, red.
Three colors plus transparent glass
three colors with glasses
Withe stallo caliche with white wine
Red stallo plus withe wine, transparent glass.

Stallo is a chalice. Stallo is a pedestal. Every day we are surrounded by objects of all shapes and sizes, all destined to become, after their purchase, part of the chain of throwaway consumerism. So that’s why, from the outset of our research, we have tried to give an added value to everyday objects; Find design in a bottle exactly.
Wines, liqueurs, beers; all products are served daily in our tables, in bars and in the streets, different flavors encased in little pieces of art, so was for this reason that, during our planning, we just tried to enhance the qualities through a different reuse and a reversal of the function.
From bottle to bottle. From pouring wine to contain, Stallo is thus a cup able to change its aspect and shape, an original synthesis of two separate parts: a glazed ceramic base and an upper body made ??from glass bottles directly reciclate and cut.
The result is an original glass, practical and durable.