A chair that is light, resistant, stackable and affordable. Steelo is the metal sitting designed by Mario Alessiani for the Italian brand Officine Tamborrino.

The skeleton is made of thin metal rods with a folden metal shell of a minimum thickness, in order to have a light, but strong chair.

An object that is apparently simple, in reality the result of a long research, with the goal to optimize the production process, to reduce the manufacturing costs and bring to the market a high-quality, versatile chair for everyone.

Every aestethic element has a specific function, like the slots at the corners, needed to make the seat folding, carefully designed in its dimentions and shape, so much to become a decorative element, a hallmark of the object.

Entirely handmade in Italy, Steelo is born by the idea, that defines all Alessiani research, to extract the beauty out from the function.