Mount one of the Stiicks, center your artwork, then add the other Stiick
A floating magnetic frame means you can hang virtually any size at any length
Stiicks use super-strong rare earth magnets
Simple enough to add to any space

I’ve followed you guys for a while now and love the site. I’d like to show you something I think your readers might love. I’m an artist/designer/whatever-I-have-to-call-myself-so-I-can-make-stuff-type-of-guy who straight up, loves making things. Considerate things. Thoughtful things. And this project is about enabling people to afford to show the work they love.

Artwork is meant to be displayed, but because framing is so expensive, most of the time it just ends up in the closet. So I decided to reinvent the frame, making it much more affordable and simpler to hang your prints. Stiicks are composed of 4 thin strips of sustainable American hardwood. Each Stiick is embedded with several super-strong magnets that sandwich whatever you’re hanging firmly in between. It’s incredibly simple by design and a new way to think about framing that’s meant to work smarter, not harder.

We launched Stiicks on Kickstarter two weeks ago and have already blown past our initial funding goal of $8000. Unlike most Kickstarters, Stiicks are shipping in time for the holidays and even the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has reached out about carrying them.