You carry your laptop everywhere. Why not let it carry things for you?
STITX made so slim, you can leave it on your laptop and still pop it into your bag effortlessly.
To accommodate the bulkier items like your mouse and wallet, the Accordion Pocket was designed to provide more space.
Heading out for a meeting, just slip in a pen and you're good to go!
No need to worry about losing your keys anymore, let STITX take care of it for you
After countless configuration tryouts and prototyping on fabrics, we've finished designing STITX with the ideal technology and optimum materials to ensure a sleek frame and durability for a final prototype.
STITX is made with 100% Wool Felt
STITX currently comes in two colours

You carry your laptop everywhere, why not let it carry things for you?

Busy lifestyles, rising costs of space, everyone’s working on-the-go and there simply isn’t enough room! Yet keys, wallets, phones and other essentials need a “home” when they’re out of your pockets. That’s why we designed STITX- A stick-on organizer for your belongings and gadgets necessary for work on-the-go, bringing you convenience by sitting snugly at the back of your laptop, reducing the clutter of things on the already-tiny workspaces.

Made of 100% Wool Felt, Suede, Re-constituted Leather and Acrylic Canvas, the materials of STITX are laser cut to their precise dimensions before gluing and stitching them together. Every STITX is made with utmost care and dedication as we manually cut, stamp and secure all the embellishments, which are made of 100% calf leather. Also, STITX is stuck on using a special adhesive that allows repositioning of the product and leaves no residue after removal from your laptop.

STITX is designed by JAC| Jia Ying Chew, Albert Lee & Corina Tan. We’re Industrial Design majors at the National University of Singapore.

We’ve recently launched STITX on Indiegogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stitx/x/2644769. With crowdfunding, we will be able to make STITX a reality.