The compartments can be easily unfolded
large and small shelf
way of opening
The shelf can be customised to different heights and used as smaller shelf.
small version
large version
flexible side walls
build up
in detail
detail hinge

The shelf „Stockwerk“ appears to negate its material properties. Due to the cut side walls the solid wood construction becomes a foldable object reminiscent of a compressible paper model. „Stockwerk“ heralds a new kind of shelf-construction. As an alternative to plug and screw connections this shelf needs no assembly and is delivered folded up. The side walls are split, mitred and fixed with piano hinges. The system is fully linked together; the shelves just have to be unfolded. The system is self-stabilizing via the mitre-chamfer on the side wall edges. Despite having fewer and simpler production steps, a complex functional system is possible. The final height of the shelf is customisable, as some compartments can stay closed according to requirements.
With very little effort the foldable shelf offers a system which makes it build up very quickly and transport it handy.

hinge-bands, multiplex white coated

Johannes Höller; baemstudios.de