The Stone Age is a personal project of JinSik Kim. This project “the Stone Age” is started from curiosity about essence of materials and relationship between the materials and shapes I realized. I want to formulate new language of using a stone as a designer, which people used from a long time ago as material. This design is produced by a lot of touching but it expresses simplicity. And then it would be stayed on a desk for a long time like stone sculpture. A sculptor cut big stone into 5 pieces with four cuttings and then he grinds delicately outside of the marble to two kinds of shapes such as a geometrical shape and round one. You do not need any joint to make a pencil case with the Stone Age because it has a proper weight for a function. You also play with it to make a great mood with the stone pattern like a mural, having two different textures in polished outside and matt inside. Please enjoy functional sculpture made of marble.

Material_Black Marquina, Rosso Levante and Sunny Beige

Black l 95x90x97 mm
Red l 90x95x105 mm
Yellow l 95x90x97 mm


Pencil vase and paper weight

Original shape of Stone Age made of Black Marquina

To cut into 5 pieces from one marble piece

Universe concept photography

To cut into 5 pieces made of Rosso Levante

Pencil vase and paper weight

Universe concept photography

Inspired from a sculpture in the Stone age

Pencil vase in 4 pieces made of Sunny Beige

Pencil vase and desk accessaries