I am writing on behalf of a design collective called ‘Angry Banana’s’ who are a group of Design Masters students studying at Goldsmiths University, London.

For the past 10 weeks we have been looking at how induction cooking can be used to enhance the practices within a contemporary kitchen. The outcome being a series of conceptual kitchen appliances (titled collectively as ’stone’) that could very become realistic design proposals. We were wondering if you would be interested in featuring our work on your website.

In 2012 electric hobs surpassed gas hobs in sales in the UK, mostly due to the growth of induction hobs. in 2020 DEFRA estimates that 80% of electric hobs sold in the UK will be induction. Induction cooking is proven to be 85% efficient compared to gas’ 40% efficiency. That paired with its unique safety features, higher precision in cooking and easy clean surface, you can understand why recent sales have grown.

This project looked at how induction cooking hobs could be used to power everyday kitchen appliances like toasters and kettles, along with how induction cooking could improve everyday cooking instruments such as grill pans and saucepans.

The product line is a range of products that can cook, toast and boil your everyday foods and water in pans, toasters and kettles that have the following features.

– No wires or electrical components which mean the products can be easily washed and stored.

– Manufactured from honest materials, such as porcelain bodies with birch wood handles, making the products sustainable and long lasting.

– Each appliance (including saucepans) is lined with a heat insulator (mica) that means the cook wear can go straight onto the table from the stove leaving no burn or melting marks.

It is through the interface on the induction stove that the user can tell when their food is ready. Either a ring tone can be set or the user can record their own voice making the stove interactive and fun for all ages. Once your toast is ready or your kettle boiled the stove will turn its self-off allowing the personalised tone to remind you your food is ready.

The final outcome was a collection of drawing renders and prototypes. The prototypes were manufactured by a 3D printing plaster machine and birch plywood which was cut using a CNC routing machine before being hand assembled and finished.
The Angry Banana’s are a design collective from the MA Goldsmiths Design Department in London. They are Jack Holloway (Product Design), Donato Santoro (Product Designer), Vina Kosasih (Communication Design), Jo Chang (Communication Design), Yelena Bushueva (Communication Design) and Sarah Lynn Pesek (Environmental Design).

The work will exhibited during London Design Festival at the Goldsmiths Masters Degree Show, titled TILT at the Hoxton Gallery between the 17th and 22nd of September 2013.

For any further questions on the work, please don’t hesitate to email me or contact me via 07717728937.

Jack Holloway,