Soft Rock
Materials: Rubber, Steel, Walnut Wood
Seeing isn’t always believing. This Soft Rock collection is created to trick the senses. From afar, they seem like any ordinary marble creations, but once you touch them, instead of feeling a cold and hard surface, you are greeted by a warm and soft tactile feeling. Made from rubber, the body of the vases and candle holder is the result of many trials and errors. The marble-effect on the rubber is carefully created using a mix of hardening agents and colour pigments. The bottom of these vases and candleholder are made from intricately woven steel wires in contrasting colours, with a touch of warmth from the Walnut Wood on their necks.

Bottomless Basket Shelf
Materials: Steel, Pine Wood
The Bottomless Basket Shelf collection is inspired by the shape of your everyday basket. Instead of storing items inside the baskets which confine the user to stay within the basket ‘volume’, this design explores different storage solutions around the basket shape. Thought has been given to tweaking the design to maximise functionality, like the upward slanting profile to ensure things do not fall off. The steel bars surrounding the circumference can also be used to hang cloth hangers. Created in different sizes and colours to suit different needs and spaces, the Bottomless Basket Shelf series can be placed as a wall decoration.

Cross Hanger
Materials: Oak
The crossing between two pairs of steel and wooden sticks is strategically designed so that things can be hung from every branch, in every position. Not limited to hanging clothes, the Cross Hanger can also be used to hang books or magazines.

Photos: Tanoo Onudom