Tool bag assembly for prototypes
Screen print background for tool rolls to simplify what tools are needed and where they reside
Our manufacturing partners are RLCB, Inc. of Raleigh, NC which employ over an 80% visually impaired work force
String N' Roll being used by Banjo Buck Thrailkill while tuning his acoustic guitar
The String N' Roll held vertically to show that the tools will not fall out
Rory Kelly, guitar phenom, using the String N' Roll backstage
All the essential tools needed for the String N' Roll and the Wrench N' Roll
The Wrench N' Roll is made for more than just motorcycles. Add in ATV's, cars, hot rods, etc. etc.
The Wrench N' Roll was created to keep your tools organized and easy to use
Consider yourself a DIY mechanic? The Wrench N' Roll is made for those road side repairs in which you need the right tools

After being dissatisfied with a lack of quality tool rolls readily available, we decided to create our own. There are a plethora of tool rolls on the market, but most are bulky with large pockets that require you to search for the items you need. Our motivation to create these tool rolls came from a desire to carry the right tools and for a tool roll of superb quality. At the onset of the design, several concepts were the most important:

• Must last for many years through wear and tear
• Tools are easily visible with printed pattern
• Unique folding pattern to minimize space
• Carry only the right tools, avoid bulk
• Tools cannot fall out
• Items cannot rattle

After a year of research and development, we have partnered up with a fantastic manufacturer here in Raleigh, NC to launch our new tool rolls aptly titled String N’ Roll and Wrench N’ Roll.

Our manufacturing partner is RLCB (Raleigh Lions Clinic for the Blind). The textiles branch of RLCB manufactures contract military tactical gear, kit bags, and specialty pouches. With over 81% of their workforce being visually impaired, RLCB seeks to “empower people who are blind and visually impaired through employment opportunities and services to achieve social and economical equality.”