Side Elevation
Front elevation

A first edition benjamin hall design+build product.

Whether it’s the sound of a captivating book’s pages turning, the melody of a TV show’s theme song or the click-clack of a laptop’s keyboard, it’s easy to become enthralled in what one’s doing while lounging in strung out.

The wood frame, creating both the legs and the support for the seat and back, was carved from locally sourced mesquite, and as a contrast to the warm wood, cold-rolled steel is bent to create a strong, yet naturally kinetic frame. Made with the utmost attention to detail, 1,500 feet of Jute twine wraps itself around the frame to create the sink-into-and-relax surface.

This chair can also be flat-packed into a small box and easily reassembled, allowing for a reduction in shipping costs while still providing a superior, one-of-a-kind design.

29″W x 26″L x 29″H