Retail Package
Manufacturing process

My name is Don Lehman and I am a designer based in Chicago. I’m a big fan of your blog and thought you might be interested to know about a new project I just launched: Stylus Caps.

Stylus Caps turn Sharpies into touchscreen styluses that work on devices like the newly launched iPad mini. They are designed for anyone who wants to sketch or take notes on their iPad, but also want to continue using the analog tools they love.

A few details of interest:
– Stylus Caps started as a successful Kickstarter project. After shipping to my Backers last year, I have spent this year refining and perfecting the design.
– Stylus Caps are machined from a solid bar of aircraft grade aluminum and are anodized silver or black. They’re strong, durable, and super light.
– Stylus Caps are designed for sustainability. As with all of my design work, I aim to use as few parts as possible and the materials I use are long lasting and recyclable.
– Stylus Caps are manufactured and assembled in my hometown of Rochester, New York. Centralizing production to a specific region minimizes fuel consumption and gives Stylus Caps a sense of place.