This desk is an answer to the theme “fragmentation”, of the “diplome des métiers d’art” in cabinet making.
From this subject, I wanted to represent the phenomena of a subduction and its features through a desk.
The desk is composed of two parts, one is fixed and the other is mobile. The movement followed by the moving part during its opening evokes the passage of a tectonic plate to another. Its surface is made of a laminated veneer (300 sheets glued one on the other) symbolizing the rock strata present in the earth’s movement. The opening provides access to storage modules (twelve corresponding to the number of existing tectonic plates at the surface of the globe). These modules are in red / orange tones to remind the colors of a volcanic eruption (a consequence of subduction represented in this case by the opening).
The fragile appearance of the steel feets evokes the unstable and unbalanced side of plates movements.