Sunnaform is a Stockholm-based design and product development start-up. Our first product is The S5 combination air purifier and designer lamp, innovated and made in Sweden.

What if an air purifier was designed to fit an interior instead of a store shelf? To fit a person rather than a medical condition? We suggest a different way of thinking with the S5: a fixed, optimal speed setting, a super silent operation and a refined, Scandinavian lighting design. With solid hardwood and powder coated steel together with a handmade lampshade, it is far from high gloss plastic finishes and garish control panels.

There is still a profound lack of awareness of indoor air quality, but we all have reasons to learn more. Every day we drink around 2 kg water and eat roughly the same amount of food, but we breathe 11kg of air. The S5 removes pollen, dust mites, smoke particles and even bacteria from the indoor air, and it does it so virtually without a sound.

We have used all our experience from creating world-leading air purifiers and design objects when developing the S5, and we think the result is striking. I hope you think so too. Should you have any questions I will gladly try to answer them.