good morning

i’m jacobo ibárrez, product designer and founder of nizo. excuse me for the indiscretion, but, did you sleep well? how did you woke up today? has it been rough?

two hundred years waking up hitting an alarm clock, what if we do something new? this week we are releasing our new application at the app store. It is called suno (“sun” in esperanto), and it uses light for waking you up in a smooth way, preparing you for the day. you can select how you want to wake up by setting the light intensity and adding natural sounds to reinforce the process if you feel particularly lazy.

with suno, your device’s screen becomes a beautiful dawn. half an hour prior to the time set to wake up, suno activates your smartphone screen and brightens the room gradually with a soft light, just like dawn. while you are still sleeping, the light gently prepares your body for the awakening. if you set the time to wake up at 8:00 am, the light will begin to increase gradually from 7:30 am. at 8:00, the light will reach its highest level, which can be adjusted according to your preferences. at the set time, your body will be prepared and the natural sounds will accompany the light. You will wake up feeling good.

but, how much light do i need? how does this work? studies show that sensitivity to light differs from one person to another. generally, a person needs less time to become fully awake when exposed to light of certain intensity. given this, you can adjust the light intensity that best suits your preferences; in general, 250lux should be enough.

at the set time to wake up, after living a sunrise in your bedroom, you will begin to hear a natural sound or a song previously selected on your smartphone. the sound will increase gradually making the awakening more pleasant for sleepyheads and avoiding an abrupt beginning of the day.

suno is the first smartphone application that has been designed following ergonomic principles aimed at improving the ease of use and avoiding exhaustion of your hand or your thumb. under “the fable of thumb” title, you can check these ergonomic principles that will probably help you understand what is so revolutionary about our interface.

for additional information about these ergonomic principles, please check:

-pleasant awakening clinically tested
as it has been clinically proven, people wake up more pleasantly with light (norden, mj. et
al. acta psychiatr scand 1993 gordijn, m. et al. university of groningen, 2007).  besides, 88% of this study participants recognized they felt better waking up with light than without it. (tested in the fr-nl & blauw research with 477 people).

-for additional information on the technology we used for developing suno, please visit

-about nizo
nizo was born in november 2011 with the aim of creating interfaces and products better than the previous ones we have been using so far. the company arises from the initiative of product designer jacobo ibárrez. suno is our first foray into the mobile applications market.

-more resources and images
please, if you find any trouble when downloading the app or want to know more about it, check our website and do not hesitate to contact us. together with the press release, please find attached some images of the application running. in case you need some more, we have created a virtual folder with more pictures in different proportions. feel free to use them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/91270598@N08/sets/72157632271704129/

we hope this e-mail is the starting point of a long list of collaborations.

thank you very much for your attention and time,

jacobo ibárrez

j.ibarrez@nizolab.com @jacoboibarrez