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Superpattern Collection by Travis Fitch

The Superpattern collection consists of eight fundamental objects—a ring, a cuff, a bracelet, a necklace, a table lamp, a pendant light, a ceramic vessel, and an ottoman—which can be rendered in 23 intricate patterns and made to order.

A unique design process combines user customization with new fabrication technologies to create distinct and personalized items. Each pattern is rooted in some combination of geometry, classical patterning and textiles—digitally woven using CAD software and produced through a combination of 3D printing techniques, including laser-sintered nylon, silver or brass cast via a lost wax process, and porcelain slip-cast in a 3D-printed mold. These processes bend the rules of materiality, freeing detailed patterns to flow around organic, curved shapes in unprecedented ways.



WEB LAYOUT 2.0.indd

WEB LAYOUT 2.0.indd

WEB LAYOUT 2.0.indd

WEB LAYOUT 2.0.indd

WEB LAYOUT 2.0.indd




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