Swiss artist Marcel Maeder likes to explore the worlds of American superheroes, projected on improbable and various supports such as sex magazines, ledgers or coloured maps … with graphics depicting triumphant manhood, but transmogrified by Marcel into a distinctive, almost erotic feminity. The muscular silhouette of a Master Proper or a Spiderman then become elegant doilies or crests covered by a delicate network of lace.

In these precise and careful works, Marcel Maeder makes gentle fun of these superhuman and superpowers, yet keeping a clear sense of wonder for these vintage heroes, still at the heart and dreams of occidental childhood.

His work is both playful and features vibrant colors, thereby recreating new popular icons, ready to be forever consummated over and over again.

His new work SUPERposition will be on show from June 21st at the gallery for postwar design & contemporary art Kissthedesign (www.kissthedesign.ch) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Marcel Maeder works together with mc2 agency (www.mc-2.ch).