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Name: Suple Series
Year: 2011
Design and manufacturing: gt2P
Materials: Legs made of Rauli with dual FSC and Fairtrade certification; bronze and aluminum for connectors.

SUPLE is a fixation system that allows joining elements with “several legs” into a single connector piece. As the Chilean traditional suple used in the construction field, it enables articulating different elements that cannot connect by themselves. Suple’s parametric algorithm makes possible to create connectors for a wide variety of objects such as tables, chairs, benches, stools and others, because it is possible to adjust any parameter and crossing this DNA with a design function.

This time an occasional table was created. The SUPLE piece is made in aluminum and bronze using traditional techniques after 3D print molds.

From these molds a cast of silicone is shaped (negatives). Then, the 3D printing is removed from the inside and filled with wax (positives). When removing the silicone mold, the wax is covered with a ceramic shell made of a kind of glue and sand. A casting cone is made to bring the metal into the shell, melting the wax at the same time.

The legs of the occasional table were turned by hand, taking as reference the 3D printing pieces, and its cover was cut by laser. Finally, the wood was treated with varnish effect of “not painted”, so that it retains its natural color, look and texture. This integration of digital and traditional processes made it possible to move from the 3D printing to the craftsmanship, to obtain unique pieces.

Made of steel and wood, Suple is the first Chilean design that uses Raulí with dual FSC and Fairtrade certification in its manufacturing process.


Software and Plugins:
Rhinoceros – McNeel
Grasshopper – David Rutten
Mantis – Mohamed Zaghloul
Mesh Analysis Tool – [ U T O ] Ursula Frick – Thomas Grabner
Weaverbird – Giulio Piacentino
Relaxation Component – Ionut Anton

3d Printing:

Artistic Cast:
Fundicion Artística- Luis Montes

Wood and Varnish:
Scs Forestry
Arturo López

CNC Wood Machinery:
Not Design Daniel Ortiz

Gabriel Schkolnick – Studio Schkolnick


Great things to people (gt2P) is a Chilean studio in a continuous process of research and experimentation in production, technical, functional and aesthetic terms always in search of new proposals.

Its interest in the systematization of geometric, spatial, natural or artificial phenomena by identifying their variables or relevant parameters (geometry, size, material, etc.) allows creating generative algorithms that can control the form and function.
This focus on the systematization of knowledge allows accumulating the learning of all the projects in a “library” of DNA or rules of design, which are used in each new project. These are reproduced as many times as necessary on the scale which is required, as in architecture, furniture, objects, or interventions in public space, thus creating standard methodologies for non-standard solutions.

That is how the concept of digital crafting was born, based on the implementation of digital design methodologies and the experience and the know-how of Chilean artisans, who feed and contribute to qualify each “generative algorithms” or DNA. Through this concept gt2P has succeeded in communicating its ability to investigate, explore and experiment with new materials and processes, and integrate technologies CAD/CAM with traditional techniques and knowledge.