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Surface Vase by Jong su Kim


SURFACE has viewed a vase on a shelf and a mug on a desk in a bit different perspective. We wanted to give water to dry flower and also to fill up the exhausted empty mug with coffee all the time. Thus, the beautiful shape and shadow of the vase and mug, and the most important water were clearly and simply designed the SURFACE by expressing them only with line. Just like the lines of a plane drawing become look solid, it gives visual pleasure and also shows the attractive harmony with subjects that will be contained.

It is made of stainless steel for durability and maximizes its beauty with colors such as Copper and Black Nickel. Containing flowers and plants in the vase and also writing materials, business cards, and smart phone in the mug, more special and interesting living & desk interior design could be presented.

Surface vase(Black Nickel)




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